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Type 2 diabetes

Date Added: August 12, 2009 11:08:00 PM
Category: Diabetes: Type 2

Type 2 diabetes mellitus is also called non insulin dependent or adult onset diabetes. This is caused by a disorder that is characterized high glucose due to insulin deficiency. This is completely managed by increasing exercise and diet change. Type 2 diabetes mellitus is increasingly diagnosed in children particularly with high obesity rate. By insulin resistance means that body do not respond appropriately when insulin is present. It is the problem with the cells that respond to insulin rather than a problem of with the production of insulin. Type 2 diabetes is more complex than type 1, but sometimes easier to treat, especially in early years when body is still producing insulin. Type 2 diabetes often remains unidentified for years before diagnoses as symptoms are milder. Any how swear complications can results including renal failure, blindness, and slow healing wounds. Onset of type 2 diabetes is common in middle and later life. However the type 2  diabetes effects are seen in young adults who are obese and 55% of type 2 diabetes is in obese people.
Type 2 diabetes treatment and diets of their patients can often be delayed through proper nutrition and exercise. The recommended diets for type 1 and 2 both diabetes are high fibre diets, low fat diets, reduction in carbohydrates intake roughage, are dietary fibre that passes through human system unchanged. Low carbohydrate alternatives,Vegan and raw live foods alternatives,Timings of meals.
Timing of meals
For diabetes patients people healthy eating is not simply a matter but the time when one eats is also crucial. How long before a meal one should inject insulin? For example whose blood glucose is low should take some long acting carbohydrate, before sleeping to bed.
Similarly high fibre roughage diets play an important role in controlling type2 diabetes sugar.
Low fat diets are equally important and are vegetarian, fruits etc
It is also important that we should avoid carbohydrates but total elimination is dangerous, therefore a balance is highly needed
Type2 diabetes medication and cure.Insulin has been increasingly used from long time and still it is the best medicine. Insulin not only orally used but its injections are available which are useful. Insulin is helpful in absorbing excessive glucose or sugar from the blood and converting it to energy for the body. Now recently insulin inhalers are also available which have saved the patients from painful process of injecting. But the best cure is through exercises and proper diets discussed back in this article.
Fasting Plasma TEST: This is a very simple test to diagnose diabetes and blood glucose level is tested after 8 hours fasting and if the level is 126mg/dl or more the person is definitely have sugar.Since physiology does the science of the normal functions and phenomena of living things hence know exactly how our system function with different diets and environment is called the diabetes path physiology? The fasting plasma test also comes in the same way. Diabetes and obesity create health problem. Research has made to understand molecular mechanism relating to the development of these pathologies and their complications.
Different statistics studies have been conducted from time to time which show that progression to diabetes among those with pre-diabetes is inevitable.Research have proved that people with pre-diabetes who loose weight and increase physical activity can prevent or delay diabetes and even return blood glucose level to normal.Also lifestyle intervention reduced the development by 50% over 3 years and reduction can be even 71%of ages60 to 65 years.Statistics of type2 diabetes has further proved that intervention with pre- diabetes is not only feasible but cost effective.

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