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Bell's Palsy (Eye Diseases)

Category: Eye Disorders

Bell’s palsy an (eye disease) also known as dry eye
Bell's palsy is a weakness or paralysis of the facial nerve known as the seventh cranial nerve. This nerve works with facial movements and is very specific for the closure of eyelids. Bell’s palsy is a rare disease. Bell's palsy usually occurs suddenly, affecting the greater part of one side of the face. The cause is unknown, but the condition has been associated with certain viruses. Statistical data shows that Bell's palsy affects about one person out of 60 or 70.
Causes of Bell’ palsy
There are several reasons which can cause a facial paralysis e.g. brain tumor, stroke, however till now not any specific reason is known. Some attribute Bell’s palsy with the exposure of the person to cold wind.
Symptom and signs of Bell’s palsy
    Mostly with Bell's palsy one is unable to blink on the affected side of the face. Again at the same time, the lower eyelid may turn outward. The facial droopy occurs due to malfunction of the facial nerves which controls the muscles of the face. Thus the blinking of the eyes, smiling is disturbed.
Treatment of Bell’s palsy
Bell's palsy has been seen recovered significantly by the use of prednisone, a corticosteroid. However for complete recovery 3 to 9 months are required. Some believe that antiviral improves the Bell’spasy disease but no significant benefits have been seen so for.It is a temporary problem and some believe that even without any treatment the patient is self cured.