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Type 1 diabetes

Date Added: August 13, 2009 01:57:20 AM
Category: Diabetes: Type 1

Type 1 diabetes is also called diabetes mellitus is an autoimmune disease that results in destruction of insulin producing of the pan pancreas. Lack of insulin causes an increase of fasting blood glucose that begins to appear in the urine above the renal threshold. This glucose in the urine causes the patients to urinate more frequently, and drink more than normal. These are the major symptoms which show the presence of this disease.Type1 is very dangerous unless treated by insulin. This may be taken from injection or glucose level by inhalers which are easily available. In recent years scientists have made experiments on mice for transplantation of this cell. And the future possibility is the use of stem cell to produce functional beta cells. This type1 is inherited from childhood and is sometime confused with type2. Type1 is also present in adults sometime and is known as diabetes adult.
There is currently no clinically useful preventive measure against developing type 1 diabetes, though a vaccine has been proposed and anti-antibody approaches are also being investigated. The people who are the victims of type 1 are normally healthy but they sometime lose weight and in that case if not properly controlled become very dangerous.Type1 diabetes pregnancy cases are very difficult to handle as strict control of diabetes is required. What they do is that patient is given calculated quantity of insulin most suited in type1 diabetes pregnancy.
In diabetes our body cannot properly store and use fuel for energy. The body fuel is called glucose or sugar, which is produced by the food.  This glucose when entered in the blood is converted to energy by insulin produced by pancreas. Insulin is important because it allows glucose to leave the blood and enter the body’s cells. Diabetes develops when your body is not producing enough insulin, or when it cannot use the insulin properly which your system produces. Thus the major cause of type1in children diabetes is that in most of cases pancreas is not properly working. When type1 diabetes is diagnosed parents have to take many responsibilities. Children should be given insulin injection by parents timely and care should be taken to see that they are taking their regular meals and their intake should be closely watched. Their glucose level should be examined and monitored. Type1 diabetes is also called type1 diabetes insulin as the diabetes in this case is controlled by insulin. Treatment for type1 diabetes is commonly made by insulin. Brisk walk is very important in diabetic patients as pancreas function is improved and it is helpful in reducing the glucose level. We can therefore peel away any type of diabetes by making healthy diet plans and walking.


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