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Date Added: September 29, 2009 12:58:25 AM
Category: Addictions: Substance Abuse

Substance abuse has come to refer to the overindulgence in and dependence of a drug or other chemical leading to effects that are very harmful to the individual's physical and mental health. Substance abuse repeated use of alcohol, drugs, or both, even though this use causes unpleasant or distressing events in the user’s life. Substance abuse has interfered with the person's ability to meet his or her obligations at home, school, or work. The person with mental disturbance shows poor performance at work and can be expelled from job or in case of student from school. The person may neglect family members or the home.

Substance abuse health

In USA an agency (SAMHSA) has been designed Substance abuse facilitaty, provide, prevention, treatment services to people effecting from substance abuse in order to reduce illness, death and disability. Alcohol, drugs, or both have been used repeatedly in dangerous situations, such as while driving a car or operating machinery. The person can create other social problems related to substance abuse, such as arrests for driving under the influence (DUI) or disorderly conduct.

The person continues to use alcohol, drugs, or both, despite social or personal problems caused by or made worse by use of use of drugs. This includes everything from arguments with a family member about drug use to physical fights with strangers.Someone who has a substance abuse problem may suffer serious withdrawal symptoms if he or she stops drinking alcohol or using a drug suddenly. Once dependency develops, it may become very difficult to stop drinking or using a drug without outside help. Medical detoxification may be needed.The very first part of any addiction treatment program must include withdrawing from any immediate effects of the drugs. We have two methods of accomplishing this. There is a standard withdrawal and medically supervised detoxification. For individuals on a very high level of alcohol consumption, methadone or other prescription drugs, the medically supervised drug detoxification is available. Following are the strategies for substance abuse treatment and therapy



·          Inventory and Recognition therapy

·          Group therapy

·          Individual counseling

·          Educational lectures

·          Holistic addiction treatment

·          Self help addiction treatment

·          Acupuncture and massage treatment

    Addiction treatment and mind, addiction treatment of body, inventory and self discovery addiction treatment, addiction treat by spirit, addiction treatment success stories, and moral recognition therapy. Addiction treatment and mind the patient is advised to change his way of thinking, his attitude, his behavior and start positive thinking. The word body treatment is self explanatory shows that improvement of the health is made by giving the patient highly nutrition diets which are vitamins, proteins.

Inventory and self discovery treatment describes the patient what has made him to reach in this condition. He feels that he should start in a new way. Addiction treatment by spirit involves thinking in a more spiritual way what happened to him and how his soul broke. It is advisable to select to choose your spiritual track that suits your religion.

Addiction treatment success stories involves in providing your patients information that with strong determination they can live successfully in society. It is a self questioning phenomenon like, what I was before coming here a last soul leading to a path of destruction. I decided to come here as I want closure. I will go through moral recognition therapy books which would help me for closure. I will become goal oriented and more spiritual to my walk or any schedule set for. Substance Abuse Rehabilitation is extremely hard to give up your substance without any help. Therefore, rehabilitation centers are built in different locations to provide help to overcome any addiction. This is why it is very important to find the right substance abuse rehabilitation. They provide all comforts needed to ease the pain and stress of recovery, even if it is very small. Holistic health treatment is also provided which is also needed to cover the spiritual aspects.


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