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Date Added: September 29, 2009 03:00:35 AM
Category: Ear,Nose and Throat: Nose and Paranasal Sinuses: Sinusitis

Generally speaking a sinus infection is inflammation or swelling of your sinuses. Normally, your sinuses are filled with air. When the sinuses become blocked and filled with fluid, bacteria can grow there and cause sinus infection. This infection is called sinus infection. Everyone having a sinus problem. Mostly children are affected for sinus problem. Thick yellow unpleasant smelling nasal discharge, pressure or uncomfortable pain around the face and eyes, headache, nasal obstruction and congestion, fever or cough is common sinus symptoms. But if the pain around your face & eyes and the yellow thick discharge persists for more than a week you may have sinus problem.

The major cause of sinus infections is the condition in which sinus drainage channels are blocked. Such are due to colds, allergy, non allergy rhinitis, and nasal polyps, which are small growths in the lining of your nose. Sinus allergies are due to pollen which is nothing but small particles released by flowering plants enter our body while breathing. The mucus present in the sinuses provides a defense to enter these in the lungs. However, over the time, these pollen allergies prevent the mucus from draining property, which then accumulates and becomes the leading ground for viruses and bacteria. This leads to blocks and infections.    

Sinus Remedies and treatment

To cure sinus is possible with proper medications and sometime even a sinus surgery is performed in chronic sinusitis. There are a wide number of treatments and medications suggested for sinus like allopathic medication, herbal, ayurvedic and Chinese as well. It is always recommended to follow the treatment or medications after consulting your physician. Sinus Surgery is the last treatment after utilize all medication.

Home remedies for sinuses

Use of mangoes has been considered a very effective remedy for the treatment of sinusitis as they produce healthy epithelium which prevents frequent attacks of sinuses. The main reason is that mangoes are very rich in vitamin A. Garlic and onions are also very useful for sinus infection. Their pungent smell is beneficial. You should start with mild doses and then addition should be made gradually to get best results. Tea of fenugreek seeds is also very effective remedy in acute sinusitis.

Cumin seeds are also used to cur sinus. Inhalation of teaspoon of seeds that have been tied in a thin cotton cloth will give you a relief from sinusitis. This is a best remedy for sinusitis. Also if you use a mixture of 100grms of ground roasted cumin seeds with honey you will get excellent results.Vitamin A and C have always proved very useful for sinus treatment. Diets which are rich in these vitamins are very effective.    


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