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Old age

Date Added: August 08, 2009 02:04:57 AM
Category: Aging: Anti-Aging

Old age is no doubt a blessing to a person yet when that person faces the problems he get confused and desperate. Normally most of the girls are very careful of their aging skin as from ancient women are beauty conscience and they want to live ageless aging especially very afraid of premature aging, aging face.     .
They use different creams and lotions to prevent that process. There are different theories of aging process and different to different times different techniques had been adopted to prevent the natural phenomena. Facial aging normally happens to a person who remains in constant stress for many years and one can say it a aging face. We can call this premature aging. Actually capillaries in old age become hard and plasticity to expand and contract becomes less. Aging creams and aging supplements are sold like hard cake which sometimes adversely affects a person using it without knowing side effects.
Truly speaking human aging can never be controlled but can be slow down up to some extent. And one must say that most of anti aging techniques are fruitless. Constant research is however going on and complete remedy might be millionaire question.
Aging skin is always a problem which most of old men has to face. Many T.V Channels are showing their products in which melon is used to prepare a product used for face wrinkling. They claim that it has the quality to hydrate our skin a phenomena necessary for healthy skin.  
Then there are aging supplements which are based on experiments and they claim different stories. But to speak truly only lifestyle can make some change in your body to stop aging. When analyzed critically only people who never faced serious illness had enjoyed long age. People who have made regular exercise and used simple food enjoyed longer lives. However it is a gift from almighty Allah to any person and it cannot be purchased with any price.

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