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Eczema or dermatitis is a term for several different types of skin swelling. This is not a dangerous disease, but most types cause red, swollen and itchy skin. Reasons that can cause eczema may include other diseases, irritating substances, allergies and your genetic makeup. More over this is not a contagious disease.

 Baby eczema

Baby eczema is very common and normally a skin rash appears on the forehead, cheeks, scalp, and can spread to arms, legs, chest and other parts of the body. Although eczema is not an allergic disease yet it can be triggered by allergen in your baby’s diet or in the diet of mother who is breastfeeding. The rash can also increase in size or become worst by heat, irritants which come in contact with your baby’s skin (like wool or soap chemicals, different lotions) etc

Eczema treatment and cure

The most popular way to treat eczema vary upon the condition of your skin. If it persists severely the treatment is through medications. One medicine most popularly used is corticosteroids. Long use of this causes your skin thin, fungal and bacterial infections. For the same reason antibiotics are required to get rid of this bacterial infection. For dry skin the condition become still worse and you should be sure to moisturize your skin as possible. Moisturizing creams are also available and had proved beneficial

 Eczema natural

Sea salt is beneficial for the eczema as at contains large amount of minerals. These minerals help calm and soothe irritations caused by eczema and repair the damaged skin. The skin is the largest organ in human body and it is first defense against infection. Constant itching and scratches impairs the skin, its vulnerable to infection. Sea water breaks this cycle by repairing skin and thus reduces eczema.

Skin eczema

Generally people who have eczema have "leaky skin," meaning the barrier function of their skin does not work well. This means everything that goes in the skin soaks deeper in the layers that activate immune system. Also skin loses water and natural oils which are responsible to moisturize it and keep it soft. These conditions cause the skin to be drier than natural skin and more sensitive to anything that comes in contact. Soaps effect on the skin is not good for people with skin eczema as most of them dry out the skin. Liquid cleanser leaves moisture on the skin and therefore the best choice. Again great care should be taken never rub the skin vigorously.

Eczema and psoriasis

Eczema psoriasis is normally spoken together where there is great between these two diseases. Eczema is just an inflammation of the skin and its symptoms are swelling, redness, dryness, flaking in the upper layer of the skin. But psoriasis means itch. Psoriasis is a disease that effect joints and the skin. Due to swelling and excessive skin formation, red scaly patches known as psoriasis plaques appear in the surface of the skin normally emerge on the knees and elbow, but can appear anywhere such as genitals and scalp. Eczema is caused by skin irritants, as soaps, detergents, perfumes, allergen like dust, pollen etc. Psoriasis is the cause of over stress, alcohol consumption, smoking, hormonal changes and sometime using drugs. Thus the major difference is that eczema is due to external irritants while psoriasis is made worse by habits or lifestyle of the person.   

Eczema lotions and eczema herbals

Neem is a most effective eczema herbal remedy - and there are many of its products currently being sold in the market place. Herbal cures and remedies for Eczema and Psoriasis However we can help to get things in perspective with a few hints and warnings. There are many eczema lotions available in the market with different brand names. However different companies who claim that their products are based on totally herbal and natural when checked cortisteoride was present in most of these herbals and lotions.