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Alzheimer's disease

Date Added: August 12, 2009 01:47:23 AM
Category: Neurological Disorders: Alzheimer

Alzheimer disease was first described by a German psychiatrist and neuropathology’s Aloes Alzheimer in 1906 and was named after him. Victims of this incurable disease are people above 65 years. Although there are many common symptoms but each patient of this disease behaves in his own way. In the early stages of Alzheimer disease, loss of memory, difficulty in remembering recently learned facts was notified. As the disease progresses confusion and aggression, mood swing, language breakdown and long- term memory loss occurs. Brain scan test then make the diagnosis easier. These tests also reveal the stages of Alzheimer disease. Life span or life expectancy of sufferers is approximately 7-9 years and only few survive for 14 years. Alzheimer disease research indicates that the disease is associated with plaques and tangles in the brain. Till now not any Alzheimer disease treatment has been proved to delay or halt the progression the disease. But the scientists are constantly investigating major cause of this disease. Mental stimulation, exercise, and balanced diet are often recommended, as a preventive measure.

       As the Alzheimer disease treatment is still unknown management of the patient is very essential. The main caregiver is normally spouse or a close relative. This disease is thus a great burden on caregiver and all the society. Meanwhile it is an economical burden to the caregiver. There are three major hypotheses indicating the cause of Alzheimer disease. Cholinergic says that the cause of Alzheimer disease is due to reduced synthesis of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. However this idea did not get a wide spread support. The second hypotheses suggest amyloidal beta deposits are responsible for this disease. This got some what strong support as these amyloidal beta deposits are present in chromosome and also people with having extra gene copy are universally exhibiting this disease. In 2009 however this was modified suggesting that a close relative of the beta-amyloidal protein are not   the risk necessarily the beta-amoid itself may be the major culprit of this disease Several vitamins such as B12, B3, C or folic acid have been found to reduce the risk of Alzheimer disease but other studies indicate they do not have any significant effect on this disease. Turmeric in curry and seeds of cumin have shown some effectiveness in preventing brain damage of mouse. Alzheimer disease statistics data shows a very sad picture especially for Canadian citizens. More than 71000 populations is suffering with this disease. This Alzheimer disease statistics further indicates 1 is to 11 ratios of Canadians is engaged with this fatal disease. Moreover it explains 50% increase in this figure in next 20 years. It also indicates that mostly women are the victim of this non curable disease. Studying many this Alzheimer disease articles one can imagine how miserable this disease is which have made so many families unrest. Actually with patient the whole family is suffering morally and economically.     



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