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Allergy Asthma

Category: Allergies: Asthma

Everybody can get allergies, even people who do not have asthma. But people with asthma and allergies will have a reaction in their airways in addition to the usual allergy and we say this man is suffering with allergy asthma. In case of allergy asthma, allergens can make your airways red, swollen, and filled with sticky mucus. Your airways react as soon as you're near the allergen pollen sometime smoke or any pungent smell may be a perfume. Asthma inhaler is the first choice you will have to have to bring you out from this condition which may be Ventolin or some other corticosteroid inhaler. Each person has their own set of allergens. They can be allergic to one or too many things. One person might be really allergic to cats, but be fine around pollens. Another person may be really allergic to pollen and mould, but feel fine around cats and it depends on person to person.
To find out what you are allergic to, see your doctor. Your doctor may refer you to an allergist (a specialist doctor who is an expert on allergies).The allergist will ask you many questions about your medical history and your home and work environments where you live and work, what substances you handle, what floor covering, pets, or plants are in your home, when you notice your symptoms getting worse, etc. The allergist will also do a skin prick or scratch test to see exactly what you're allergic to.
Asthma medication will then become easy for him as now he has all results before him to choice a drug/medicine most suitable for him. There are 101 medicines available some in tablet/capsule form while others in syrups especially for children. Doctors are therefore supposed to suggest most suitable medicine for you. Now a day asthma inhalers have become very popular as they have least side effects. Nebulizers’ are also used if the attack is severe and quick relief is inevitable. There are so many types of asthma inhalers available in the market that selection is even difficult for doctors. They are very important for asthma management. Some doctors are even suggesting steam asthma inhalers which provide you wet steam vapours necessary for asthma help.
Some naturopathic and herbal practitioners use herbal supplements for the treatment of all kinds of asthma. This method is now being subjected to intense scientific research and analysis by a London university. Yamoa powder a natural supplement is now having a significant impact on the lives of thousands of sufferers in the USA and UK in term of asthma management. Some doctors advise natural atmosphere which provide better opportunities to asthma help. They claim that salty air is beneficial and have made artificial caves made of natural salt to live there for 1or 2 days for asthma help and asthma management. The biggest benefit is that children never feel bore or fed up. Asthma remedies are not a secret to anyone and only you need is to know which thing create allergy to you. Following are some allergic elements famous for reaction
Cat allergy associated by fur. Pollen allergy very common in spring weather. Carpet allergy which may be due insects. Children asthma begins very early in childhood and the earlier the diagnosis, the better is to prevent deterioration of lung function . In diagnosing paediatric asthma two of the key main factors to be looked at are family history and the presence of atop (allergy). The most important major risk factors for the development of paediatric asthma are parental asthma and the presence of eczema. Other factors such allergic rhinitis and or bites, Cold weather allergy sometime even cold air. In case of paediatric asthma, education is very important. How it behaves with different allergens and how to avoid these is very important in asthma education. This will develop in them a more clear understanding to enable them to enjoy healthy life.