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Aging Skin

Date Added: August 07, 2009 03:44:10 AM
Category: Aging

Aging skin is has been considered important from long ago. Skin is most important as the first impression that a person carries is his/her skin. I have seen in certain cases premature aging in women which was due to stress. they suffered due to un-known reasons and the result wrinkles appeared on their beautiful faces.
Theories of aging are different from cases to cases. For example for a person who is suffering pre mature aging will be treated differently than a person who is due to longevity of age. Aging creams, aging supplements are frequently used in most of the cases. Aging creams sometimes do adverse effect to our skin. Any how they are as physically used good for the satisfaction of large community who are always interested in short cut method. A lot of attraction is generally used to drive the people to their products. Since vitamin E is very important to stop aging most creams are named as Creams full of vitamins E. Aging effects are commonly appear in different ages. Our skin is very sensitive to sun which is the main source of ultraviolet rays.In order to fight for that excretion of melanin pigment comes out of body and when we have blocked pores acne freckle, appears on our skin. Human aging process  multidimensional changes on physical, psychological, cultural and social levels. Anti aging is new technology which look younger and fabulous.
Some people suggest fruits to stop aging skin like watermelon, grapes, tomatoes and even some vegetables such as cucumber very good for aging skin. They say watermelon is promising to supply extra water for skin and protect it’s from drying. Others apply physically tomato paste for facial aging as it has pectin which is good for blood circulation. Cucumber is also famous for hydrating & nourishment of skin.  It has the same ph value as per skin and is widely used in many beauty parlors. Researches are constantly going on but there is nobody who can perform any miracle.


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